My Book

I only have one book published right now, but I am planning on writing more, both fiction and nonfiction. My book is available exclusively through Amazon. Remember, you don't need a Kindle to read Amazon e-books. You can also use the Kindle Cloud Reader to read in your browser, or download the Kindle for PC program. And don't forget you can use the Look Inside feature to preview the book before purchase, or if you're an Amazon Prime member you can get it free with the Lending Library .

I wrote this book because I've recently seen an increase in traffic on a number of my online accounts, and realized what I had finally started doing right. Most of the things seemed so simple, I was surprised I hadn't thought of them before. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I knew a lot of valuable tips related to making it as an artist, so I decided to compile them into this book. The tips are not specific to any one type of art, and don't require practice of any kind.

Description from Amazon: 
Being an artist can be hard. You may not improve as much as you'd like, make as much money as you'd like, or get as much attention as you feel your work deserves. This book, written by the artist Savanna Williams, is here to help you with all of that, without any art practice required. It will teach you how to think about art and your role as an artist in order to maximize your creativity and learning potential. It also discusses how to profit from your art, including doing commissions and selling prints and products. The book also goes in-depth into how to maximize the amount of attention you and your work receive by effectively using online galleries and social media. There are even discussions about making art to cause change, making "unpopular" art, and making art just for fun.

New and old artists can benefit from the many tips in this book, which are based on observations Savanna has made over her several years of trying to make it as an artist. Learn about SET, breadcrumbs, and what activities lead to the most attention on specific art websites and social media services. Not targeted toward any field of art in particular, this e-book makes a helpful and motivational addition to any artist's digital bookcase.